At Dr. Ree BCN, we offer unique and exclusive treatments, including abdominal lipo marking, using the VASER® liposculpture concept. It is a new technique that disintegrates and removes fatty tissue with third-generation ultrasound. It manages to reduce pain and trauma, makes less inflammation, and avoids many bruises, succeeds in extracting fat in liquid form without compromising the tissues or blood vessels.

Besides, it allows lipo transference to the buttocks, deltoids, breasts, and other parts of the body where we want to add greater volume or projection. We carry out this treatment in Barcelona and we can combine it with RENUVION ®.

Facial cosmetic surgery in Barcelona

Facial Surgery

The face is the mirror of the soul. An open book which contours and features reveal the psychological profile of whoever shows them off.

Body cosmetic surgery in Barcelona

Body Surgery

In our Dr. Ree BCN Medical Centre, you can recover the silhouette you had or get a body of your dreams.

Breast surgery, mammoplasty in Barcelona

Breast Surgery

We work with the most qualified team so that you can show the version of yourself that you always have been seeking for.

We are professionals in cosmetic surgery in Barcelona

Cosmetic surgery is a plastic surgery specialty aimed at improving the appearance of certain body parts through surgical procedures.

At the Dr. Ree BCN Clinic, we offer you all cosmetic surgery treatments so that you can have the body you have always wanted, but always taking care of the patient’s health.

Our professionals will study your case, in a personalisedway, and will recommend the treatment that best suits your body and your needs in order to meet your goals.

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