Revitalise your look with hyaluronic acid

This facial treatment aims to rejuvenate the skin. As we inject the hyaluronic acid into the skin layers, we correct not only expression lines but also improve skin pigmentation. Thanks to this quality, its use has become popular in the so-called dark circles and the rejuvenation of the periocular and perioral skin.

Eliminate Dark Circles With Hyaluronic Acid

Revitalise Your Look with Hyaluronic Acid

Brighten your look thanks to hyaluronic acid

Smooth Periocular Wrinkles

This treatment consists of applying (injecting) cross-linked hyaluronic acid with moderate molecular weight to hydrate and fill in the dark circles. As it’s a procedure performed under local anesthesia, it’s minimally invasive and hardly traumatic. In the area of dark circles the discomfort is minimal. There is minimal inflammation, edema, bruises, and erythema that progressively subsides during the next six weeks after treatment.