Dare to lose weight without starving

Currently, obesity is a pathology correlated to many diseases such as cancer, acute myocardial infarction, hypertension, diabetes and is one of the comorbid factors in respect to COVID-19.

Elipse Intragastric Balloon

Lose Weight Without Effort

Lose weight in a controlled way

Lose Weight Safely

This treatment has a rigorous medical follow-up that consists of combining:

  • 1) Diet
  • 2) Injectable medicine to lose weight
  • 3) Lipolytic Massages (two sessions)
  • 4) Mesotherapy

and for a better result, we can associate this treatment with BIG (IntraGastric Balloon)

No Anesthesia, No Surgery, No Sedation

It is a body treatment to lose weight WITHOUT anesthesia, without surgery, without sedation, where the balloon is ingested and through radiological diagnostic methods its location in the stomach is specified, then we fill it with saline solution. That promotes satiety and, in combination with a treatment offered by Dr. Ree, the patient can lose between 15 to 18 kg in four months, where this balloon is disintegrated by gastric juices and expelled by feces. An assessment is needed, whether the patient is a candidate or not, as it’s important to have a Body Mass Index above 28%.